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This month's Book Club author is Wilma Clark and her book, Jahred and the Magi.

Jahred and the Magi

Author: Wilma Clark
Publisher: BeWrite

Set against the exotic cities and cruel times of the Middle East two thousand years ago, this is a story of bitter intrigue and dangerous honesty, valour and cowardice, love and hate, death … and birth.

Jahred, his father imprisoned for outspoken prophecies, grows to young manhood in kingdoms of the wise and the wicked where one flattering remark can earn the favour of princes and one wrong word can bring torture and death.

Jahred - wise beyond his years - is charged with a quest to prove his father's prophecy true. On his journey, he joins with others - the famous Magi of Christian tradition - making the same quest for reasons of their own … following the strange star they believe will lead them to a King who will rule over all kings.

A fast-paced thriller of a novel, superbly researched and intelligently told, which explains in realistic, unsentimental words who the mysterious Three Wise Men, who make only a brief appearance in the New Testament, might have been.


By: Celia Leaman

ISBN 1-931201-09-9

Twilight Times Books,

A repressed Millicent becomes acquainted with her quirky neighbors, discovers her husband's infidelities and contemplates an affair with a younger man while the planets Uranus and Pluto are going through an unusual configuration. Although time gets mixed up between centuries, it all gets sorted out in the end, and in the most delightful way!

Reviews and excerpt at

Dark Hunger

By: Mayra Calvani

Horror/Dark Romantic Fantasy

Electronic ISBN: 1-59279-074-7

Paperback ISBN: 1-59279-955-8

Amber Quill Press (

Also available from Booksurge ( and

Drawn inexplicably to mystical and supernatural, Alana takes the hostess job for the restaurant and nightclub, La Cueva del Vampiro. But then, the dreams begin again, dreams of a dangerous, powerful creature, dreams that are so unspeakably real they take her breath away.

Then one night she meets him, the face in her dreams, the being that mysteriously draws her into his shadowy world and all the dark memories of her past come back in a rush to haunt her. Alana realizes that she’s been linked to this charismatic vampire since childhood and that as much as she wishes to deny it, she’s chained to a terrible destiny she can’t escape…

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