Car loan for the self-employed

A car loan for the self-employed and freelancers is not always easy to find. Many banks exclude lending to the self-employed from the outset. Which possibilities can be promising and with style blossoms, this is the contribution apart.

Car loan for the self-employed – credit burdens

Car loan for the self-employed - credit burdens

Although a car loan for the self-employed and freelancers is usually unavoidable, the applicant is still not easily made. The income of a freelancer or self-employed person is unfortunately not classified as safe. Responsible for this are not provable loan loss figures, but the agreement Basel 2. Since then, it has become increasingly difficult for people without a contract of employment in dependent employment, even to be creditworthy. As a freelancer, only doctors and lawyers are treated by the credit institutions as normal customers. All other job descriptions are classified as risk.

Especially surreal is the case of a graphic designer who announced the house bank’s current account. The reasoning stated that it was a credit risk. She revealed her bank statements to a newspaper that published the whole thing. Although the account had an overdraft facility, it has been in credit since the opening of the business. Other debts had the graphic designer also not. A debt-free freelancer whose self-employment has worked well for years can therefore be a credit risk.

As sad as the example is, with such blatant prejudices and misjudgments must self-employed and freelancers fight again and again.

Self-employed loan for buying a car – dealer offers

The car loan for the self-employed through the dealer should actually be a matter of course. It’s not that easy. For some vehicle brands, the manufacturer’s bank can be convinced by an oversized deposit. But this is certainly not the case. Even the manufacturers of luxury cars reject from the outset the financing for self-employed, outside the leasing.

Nevertheless, vehicle leasing for business customers should not be ruled out immediately. If you really want to use your vehicle for business, you even have tangible benefits. He can lease it first and buy it later for the remaining value. There is an unlimited mobility guarantee in this way and there is no hassle with the tax office about the input tax refund.

Use alternatives to vehicle financing

Use alternatives to vehicle financing

Alternatives with fair credit approval opportunities are few and far between on the credit market. A few online retailers, offer car loans to freelancers and other self-employed people. Another option is credit intermediaries. Bon-loan, for example, promotes the loan for self-employed quite strong. Really good credit opportunities on fair terms can be found for self-employed through the portals for private lending.

The two market leaders accept the credit requests of self-employed people of every trade. If you have a clean remark, you do not have to be afraid of the credit check. Car loan for the self-employed is even one of the most interesting loan requests. Both portals explain that loans secured by a car are approved at about 80 percent.