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Love is a fool's dream
One who prates on innocently
Of things to come
Of things that will be

And cynical laughter haunts
Calling down eternity
Of things that never were
Of things that will never be

Until at last he falls silent
The victor, mortality
And sorrow shines in eyes
For what used to be

Mimicked and taunted
By ghosts eternally
Pitied, envied, shunned
By less fortunate than he

The fool keeps an empty palace
Seeking tranquility
Hoping a new love will dare
Outside hangs the key
Such a fool say they
Awaits his fate patiently
And, of all things on earth
This fool they'd rather be

Anne K. Edwards


The spring of life is fled before
Heat of summer's passion score
To be relived in an autumn land
Ere winter pales a thinning band

The eyes of yesterday's youth
Beheld the truth
And rejected what they saw

They taught their young
In a foreign tongue
To worship an alien law

They say they heard
And refuted the word
That beggared truth before

And will come to the aid
Of a native maid
Whose virtue wanes no more

And in the spring of their year
With her, they'll gather here
To mock winter's icy blast
Until they, too, become the past.

Anne K. Edwards


Small and wet
   they dart
Through the mind's net
Skittering past
   mad dash
To freedoms vast
   or smash
On resistance
   hard shore
And assistance
Some reach a haven
   the reef
And elude the craven
Who feeds on their flesh
  and bones
Daily, seeking them fresh
   mid stones
Some will survive
  and grow
Bent or straight, alive
  to sow
Their seed in the sea
   to spread
  or wed
Their name to man
Caged on the land
Till life ceases
   to rage
And the hand releases
   the page.

Anne K. Edwards

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